Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Summer of Jeff - Being a Vancouver Tourist

The Summer of Jeff is a recurring segment detailing the exploits of my summer off between Waterloo and Stanford.

It's been a busy summer for Vancouver sight-seeing. My girlfriend was here in May and a bunch of my relatives were here in July for my sister's wedding. So, since I haven't really travelled much this year, why not write about Vancouver's sights and sounds?

Why not start by celebrating a recent milestone, the Olympics!
The Olympic Cauldron

The cool pixelated killer whale statue near the cauldron.
And since you're downtown, why not help yourself to a Japadog? It's a Vancouver specialty: Japanese pork hot dogs (they have other kinds of meat too) with special toppings like seaweed, Japanese mayo and radish. The price is a bit hefty for street meat, but it's a unique fusion experience like no other!
The japadog stand with helpful pictures.
The Terrimayo Japadog.
Of course, your cravings for Japanese aren't satisfied with a Japadog. You've got to have some sushi at one of Vancouver's ubiquitous sushi establishments:
Asa Sushi in Kerrisdale
Rice burger at Guu Garden Downtown
After stuffing yourself with Japanese food, you might as well burn it off by enjoying some of Vancouver's fantastic outdoor activities.
Go swimming at the Kits beach outdoor pool.
Or just take a stroll in the Botanical Gardens at Queen Elizabeth Park.
There's nothing like a nice hike in Stanley Park.
Or, head out of the city to Lighthouse Park in North Vancouver, my favourite spot for a hike.
You can see why it's my favourite spot.
And when you've done all that, you might as well go see some of the touristy things. The biggest tourist trap is the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Lots of people say the Lynn Valley one is just as good (and free to boot!), but I have to say the Capilano Suspension Bridge people have done a good job at making it an 'attraction' rather than just like a provincial park.
My brother and I on the bridge.
The new Cliff Walk structure, where the platform is suspended just by those steel cables.
If you've done all of these things, you've probably seen most of Vancouver. Yes there are some more beaches you can go to, and you can have some fantastic Chinese and Vietnamese food as well. And you can go to Granville Island too and see UBC and the Art Gallery and shop on Robson and go to Fisherman's Wharf., too...

Hmm, maybe I need to write another post about Vancouver soon!

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