Thursday, September 23, 2010

The ABCs of South America (5) - Delicacies in Peru

The ABCs of South America is an alphabetical arrangement of the most memorable parts of my South America trip in the summer of 2010. You can start at the beginning here.

G is for Guinea pig

If you thought this letter would be about cute guinea pigs that Peruvian kids kept as pets, you'd be wrong. Here is cuy, the Peruvian delicacy of deep-fried guinea pig:
Avert your eyes, herbivores.

Honestly, my brother and I only had about 5 days in Peru and, while we meant to try it, we never did. On the last night, the night we were supposed to try it, we both felt really sick and couldn't stomach anything other than soup. 

Looking at the pictures of it on the internet (the above is one I found online), I'm kind of torn - either I missed out on an important cultural experience or dodged a greasy messy bullet. Hard to say, really.

H is for Heladeria and Hammocks
Heladeria is Spanish for ice cream store! Once we got to Brazil, out of all the cold Bolivian weather, we ate ice cream ALL THE TIME!! (We ate it a few times in Peru too.) Seriously, in Paraty and Ihla Grande, there was a time where we went for ice cream 5 times in 2 days. Think about that.
My brother dropped his ice cream, but it's OK: 19/20 scoops is still 95%.

The flavours, the variety, the freshness, it was all so delicious. My favourite was Maracuja, aka Passion fruit. I think what really sold it for me was the fact that it was a) pay per kilo (which I love for its fairness) and b) super cheap. You could get like three big scoops for like nothing!!
Ice cream. Even for times when it's cold enough to wear scarves.

The other H is for hammocks. When we stayed in the Pantanal, we stayed on a ranch and slept in hammocks for two nights:
Boys and girls in the same room. *high pitched OOOOOOOOOOOHHH*

Most people ask me how it could've been comfortable sleeping two nights there and I felt the same way at first - apprehensive. But after the first night went by and I felt so refreshed, I had been converted. I mean, there's a reason people fall asleep in hammocks on summer days; it's because they're bloody comfortable.

The only gripe I had with it was that it did tend to get a bit cold at night. I quickly learned though that the key was wrapping yourself in the blanket. You lose a surprising amount of heat through the bottom of the hammock!

One caveat though with the hammocks. I'd been told that sleeping on them for a few nights is OK, but if you ever were to do it long-term, you'd get horrible, horrible back pain. (I used horrible there twice for emphasis - See? I'm a writer!) I've yet to confirm this so maybe once I do I'll write another blog post about it.

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