Monday, March 29, 2010

Reading Week in Indonesia - The End

This post is the ninth and last in a series about my reading week in Indonesia. You can start at the beginning here.
There are probably a couple more things I could've written about, but I think the posts I've put up give a pretty good description of the things we did, why we did them and what the results were. We didn't set out to change everything immediately, but I think we made a good first step and established some good things for the future. We painted a mural, cleaned the river, visited a school, put up trash cans and signs, restocked the fish and planted trees and had a great time doing it all.

The IIWC slogan is "Individually we change ourselves, together we change the world" and at first I thought it was kind of corny but I really felt like our camp embodied this phrase. We grew together, exchanged culture and grew as individuals while at the same time working together towards a common goal. I'll never forget the two weeks I spent in rural Indonesia and hope that I can go back one day and find that what we did made a difference in changing attitudes.

Tune in next time for more on Singapore as I enter exams and get ready to head home after eight months away.

P.S. There are a bunch more pictures from my Reading Week trip but I'm going to upload them all to Facebook (there's stuff with the kids in the village, our day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage site Borobudur, and a few other environmental awareness activities we did, as well as general hijinks which include a bunch of pictures of me looking stupid), so go check them out there!

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