Friday, January 15, 2010

A Focus on Food - My Most Expensive Meal in Singapore

In this section, I recount some of the local food I’ve eaten thus far:Now, as you know from my posts on the kiwiburger and THE FERGBURGER that I like to eat burgers. Or at least take pictures of them. So far in Singapore, I've been eating Asian food, but I decided to venture into McDonald's to see if their menu was different.

There was nothing super special...except this. THE MEGA BEEF PROSPERITY BURGER (above). It's Chinese New Year soon, so obviously McDonald's has to capitalize on the hopes and wishes of 75% of Singapore's population. That explains the prosperity part; the 'Mega' refers to the double beef patties. This means that you can get an un-mega beef prosperity burger, but then, I mean, what would be the point of even coming to McDonald's. Go big or go home, that's what I always say. Anyway, I thought I would at least try it out. Who knows? Maybe my future will be filled with prosperity and blessings.

First off, we've got to survey the surroundings. Something I love about McDonald's here (though not enough to make me eat there) is that they have Chili Sauce as a normal condiment.
This Chili Sauce is actually the Sriracha Rooster Sauce that you get when you go eat pho (at least they taste the same). What a perfect compliment to my prosperous meal!

So now we're ready for the whole meal at a glance.
The first thing you'll probably notice is that...they have curly fries here! This isn't a normal thing, it's only for around Chinese New Year. Definitely feeling more prosperous already. For those, I got one sauce thing of chili and ketchup each. As well, the drinks seem to be normal size here, not tiny Asian sizes (that you might find in Japan, for example).

The side of my burger has this delightful advertisement:
It reads: "REUNITE YOUR TASTEBUDS WITH A FESTIVE FAVOURITE. Savour each bite with the goodness of juicy, tender beef. Each morsel oozing with the aroma of spicy black pepper sauce. Add sliced onions and a sesame seed bun, and they all come together in the perfect taste harmony." The perfect taste harmony. At this point I'm feeling like they're setting me up for a letdown.

Now let's get down to the goods:
It's pretty saucy, not quite the elegance I was prepared for. But prosperity comes in all shapes and sizes, right?

Of course, here's me mid-bite:

Another angle:From this angle, the burger looks tiny! It was actually about the size of a Burger King chicken sandwich.

Aaand that's it! Do I feel any more prosperous? I'll let you know in a few days.