Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Last 10 Excerpts From The Kiwi Dictionary

In this section, I will create an ongoing list of kiwi-isms that I’ve encountered or heard and provide you with North American translation (In some cases, I’ll provide you with an example of how I heard the word).
As work wraps up this week and I mark my last week in New Zealand, I'm going to wrap up all of the New Zealand posts before I begin my vacation in Malaysia and then begin a new adventure in Singapore! So here's the last ten excerpts from the Kiwi Dictionary:

  1. Cheers can mean “goodbye”, “thank you” or “let’s tap our beer glasses together before drinking”, depending on context.
  2. To be knacked (pronounced nack-ed, sounds like naked) means to be in pain, to be tired.
    e.g. “Man you’ve have to be totally knacked to go whitewater kayaking at that canyon” Me thinking: *Note to self, try kayaking naked next time to see if it is easier*
  3. The bonnet of the car is the hood of the car.
    e.g. “Yeah, Jeff you should get a big Canadian flag and put it on the bonnet of your car.”

  1. Root is kiwi/Australian slang for the f-word. Don’t wear Roots clothing here! (thanks Sylvie!)
  2. If something is dodgy, it’s kind of sketchy.
    “This part of the device doesn’t really work as it’s supposed to. It’d kind of dodgy.”
  3. Crisps are potato chips and chips are French fries.

  1. A bench is a counter-top (like in a kitchen).
  2. A sealed road is a paved road and an unsealed road is unpaved.
    e.g. Instructions in book: Turn onto and follow the unsealed road for 30 km. Us: “Oh these directions should be a cake-walk.” *realizes that the route is 30 km of gravel road* Me: :(
  3. The footpath is the sidewalk. I kept thinking people were talking about hiking trails all around the city!
  4. Lollies are candies.
    e.g. Me: Yeah, they gave us lollies at the end of the plane trip. People I was talking to: What! I want lollies! British Airways sucks!
And lastly, as a bonus, my favourite Kiwi-ism:

A budgie-smuggler is a speedo!
"Boy can't wait to wear my new budgie smugglers to the beach, gonna accent my dong"


  1. LOL @ the speedo....budgie smuggler...haha

  2. in answer to your question, yes, we do have hamburgers and fries in england.

  3. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH that totally made my day eric. i was hoping someone would get the ringo starr picture. Totally made my day.

  4. life just isnt quite the same when nobody gets your obscure simpsons references

  5. Not "knacked", it's knackered. As in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knacker.

    And dodgy is not sketchy, it's untrustworthy. A dodgy person might be a drug dealer or a thief or something - generally you're not quite sure, just that you don't trust them. A dodgy appliance is one you don't trust to work every time you turn it on.