Wednesday, November 4, 2009

10 More Words from the Kiwi Dictionary

In this section, I will create an ongoing list of kiwi-isms that I’ve encountered or heard and provide you with North American translation (In some cases, I’ll provide you with an example of how I heard the word).
  1. A trundler is something that has wheels that helps you move stuff (e.g. a cart). I’ve seen it referring to shopping carts at the grocery store as well as to caddy bags on the golf course.
  2. A torch is a flashlight.
  3. Takeaway food is take-out food.
  4. A quad-bike is an all-terrain vehicle.
  5. The boot is the trunk (like of a car).
  6. Spiders are ice-cream floats (like when you put ice cream in pop).
    e.g. “Eew they serve spiders here.”
  7. Granola bars are called muesli bars here.
  8. Floaties (the things that go around your arms when swimming) are poop floating in the toilet
    e.g. (while in the pool)
    Olivia (Canadian): You know what we need? Some floaties!!
    Adele (Kiwi), with a disgusted look on her face: Everyone swim away!
  9. Ginger beer here is non-alcoholic (like Schweppes in Canada), whereas ginger ale is.
  10. The barbie is the barbecue.
    “Let’s throw some of that meat on the Barbie.”
    “Uhhh ok but I’ll have to go to the toy store for that…”


  1. i don't know if this is kiwi or aussie or both... but i remember that root means sex. have you worn any roots gear around and gotten weird looks? lol.

  2. hahah sylvie it's both. it's too bad I don't have any roots clothing, but urban dictionary clears this up for us:

    very dirty!

  3. I have lived in New Zealand for 55 years and have never seen alcoholic ginger ale here. Or ginger beer for that matter. Ginger ale is carbonated ginger drink (e.g. Schweppes), ginger beer is brewed but still non-alcoholic - at least not enough to matter.

  4. And floaties, far from being floating poop, are generally the little bits of cells and stuff that float in your eye and are very annoying.