Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Piece of Home

So I just got back from a trip to Milford Sounds (the rainiest place in the world, doncha know) and after some pretty rainy weather and some bad driving situations (I got a speeding ticket :( ), I come home to this new blog by Ken keeping me up to date about how awesome home is.

Love it Ken, absolutely love it. Especially this quote: "Only in New Zealand would people proudly call themselves fruits."

Ken also lists these great things that Vancouver has over New Zealand:

  1. The Canucks don't play when you're at work
  2. Bao Chau
  3. Canadian beef (which owns New Zealand lamb)
  4. Asian girls
  5. Ian Hanomansing (what a stud)

All very valid points, Ken, and I won't ever forget what the Best Place on Earth has over here. Thanks for that, it made my day.

To conclude, here's a picture of the studly Ian Hanomansing:

**EDIT** So I talked to Keith and apparently my friends have decided to make a counter-blog against mine and post all the stuff they do (this was discussed over all-you-can-eat sushi last night - something that will be posted to the blog soon). Here is the chatlog between me and Keith:

jeff says:
oh oh just let me get this clear
did you guys make that other blog because you guys are jerks
keith says:
jeff says:
and want to make fun of my hilarious blogging
keith says:
jeff says:
ok good just wanted to make sure
keith says:
but it will be even better
than yours!!
jeff says:
hahaha whatever man bring it on
i've already got tons of loyal followersss
keith says:
o pshh
we will find more

To you guys I say:
1) You guys are jerks; and
2) See 1, again.

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