Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Focus on Food - THE FERGBURGER

In this section, I recount some of the local food I’ve eaten thus far:

In this post I will recount to you the tale of the Fergburger, the burger I ate four times in two days. BUT first, just like the best bands have smaller bands open for them and the best comedians have other comedians warm up the crowd, I'll present you with a dish very popular in New Zealand:
Fish and chips have been quite delicious here; we've gone to eat it at a lot of the port cities we've visited (Kaikoura and Akaroa so far). Everything is made fresh and it's been quite delicious. Almost every restaurant will have some variant of it in Christchurch; even the ethnic ones. It's not uncommon to see CHINESE TAKEAWAY CUISINE AND FISH AND CHIPS on a sign board.

OK Now for the good stuff. We first heard about Fergburger from a menu that was tacked on to my cubicle wall. We spent a while walking around Queenstown just looking for it (pfft, the guys wanted to ask for directions), until...we found it!
Now who was this mysterious Ferg? The Fergburger website states that Ferg looked upon drunks eating their own clothes and scraps of firewood for lack of else to eat and decreed "Let there be burgers for the people to eat when they are drunk to hell." True story.

Needless to say, we were pretty psyched to be at the one and only Fergburger.
I could hardly wait to devour it. By the time I took this picture, my flatmate had already eaten half of his.
Mmm I can just imagine the delicious home-made garlic mayo now.
THE FIRST BITE. I had to make it epic so I went in eyes wide open.
Savouring every moment...
OMFG this is the best burger I've eaten.
I need another bite.
My kayaking guide just happened to be a cook at Fergburger, so I was able to pick his brain a bit. The special sauce was key to the deliciousness of the burger. Every time I went I wasn't feeling particularly hungry and yet when I tasted that sweet sweet sauce on my lips I devoured that burger like a Homer Simpson eats an orange (or donuts, whatever).

It wasn't just the mayo though, it was the perfect blend of a beef pattie not too thick and not too thin, the juiciest tomato you've ever had, a hint of swiss on top, and the most finely sliced red onion that one can imagine. Someone should show this combination to the 0-5-1 Leafs; it could teach them a thing or two about the sum being greater than its parts.

Seriously the burger was so good I had it three more times after this in the next day: one at 3AM the same night, one the next day for lunch and one more for the road.

And now you know the story of the FERGBURGER. If you're ever in Queenstown, be sure to grab one.


  1. i don't know what that's supposed to mean dan

  2. It's funny that your kayak instructor also works at fergburger. I LOLed.
    It looks good because of all the lettuce! I may forgo my no-beef diet if i ever visit queenstown.